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T.H.E. Project

The Human Experience Project, by Sharon Rene Photography [link SRP to about page or to bottom where your personal project info could be]

How have your experiences shaped you? What people, places, and things have made an impact on your life? Let's share your story with the world, through photographs.

Join us as a participant in T.H.E. Project (The Human Experience) and you'll receive three professional digital photographs during your one-hour photo session. Prior to the photo session, we'll work together to transform your story into an artistic photo set that captures your unique passion and energy — which you can share individually and as part of the collective story of other participants in T.H.E. Project*.

Let's get started!

1. Sign up
Please fill out the information below. We'll follow up with a short survey to help get to know you better and collect your $50 per person photo session fee.
First Name
Last Name

What kind of story would you like to share? (click each for more info)
[links open in same window, and each page has prominent link back to T.H.E. Project main page so they can fill out the form]
—Self Love (Transparency & Vulnerability)
—Beauty (Cultivating Vitality)
—Connection (Friends & Family)
—Partnership (Soulmates — Friends & Lovers)

2. Together, we'll craft your story's essence and design a one-hour photo session where we work together to capture the moments as a part of your story.

3. You'll receive three artistic, professional digital photographs* that capture the passion and energy of your story — which you can share!*

I'm ready, sign me up! [button that takes you to back up to "Let's get started"]

*Your story information will only be shared with your permission. A photo release form will be required and your photos may be used for marketing purposes by Sharon Rene Photography. A a fee of $50 per person is required for participation in T.H.E. Project. A separate license fee is required if you use the photos for print or commercial purposes.

Questions? Let's chat! [button that opens contact/chat page in new window]

[All your personal project info could go down here so focus is on what's in it for THEM first]

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