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What's on YOUR Bucket List?

Here we are, just a little over a month, before this epic adventure begins. I really feel like it needs a title; one that implies an epic adventure amongst women. Something with the moxy and intention of Thelma & Louise but we won't be driving off any cliffs at the end of this flick. Real life is, she will be taking us north of Sydney to Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef and then back down through the Gold Coast with many stops in between.

Fraser Island is located just 4 hours north of Brisbane....but we'll be coming from Sydney, which is 15 hours south. The equivalent to driving from Orange County, California to Corvallis, Oregon. Sometimes you don't realize you want to go somewhere until its been introduced as an option.

While in Fraser Island, we could get "mugged" by a whale in Hervey Bay which would be magical. Whale watching is definitely on the bucket list. And 4WD on a beach in Australia! Yes, folks. It is the only way to get around Fraser Island. The roads are shared with AirFraser who make joy flights.

Fraser Island, like no other place on the planet! I'm beyond excited!!

After Australia, I still have 2 continents to visit. I might return to Africa before visiting South America. No tellin. I have a list a places that have called me to visit since as long as I can recall. Morocco with its colorful textiles and fragrant spices. Santorini, Greece blanketed in white appears to soothe the soul. Of course, there's Europe but I'd prefer to make that an extended stay and see as much of the Old World as possible.

When asked what you'd change if you could go back in time, what would it be?! My answer is that I would have started traveling the world much sooner than I did. I'm thankful that my kids were able to experience such an extraordinary travel experience in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Festival City, Dubai. Very few will ever take that journey.

My 'Bucket List' of Places to Travel:

  • Cuba to fulfilled the 6th continent I've yet to visit before Europe, being the 7th

  • Greece can kick start my European tour with Santorini

  • Budapest the architecture and Ruin Bars

  • Germany because no way I'm going all the way to Europe and not stopping in Germany to visit friends

  • Belgium because family

  • France and Italy because they are me and I am them. Passionate about life

  • Spain because I swear my family is huge....

  • Morocco where my people come from

Of course I have several islands in and around Asia as well as in the Caribbean on my list, as well.

What's on YOUR 'Bucket List'? Where have you been so far?

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