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What is a Red Tent Event?

The Red Tent Movement began with a novel written by Anita Diamant in 1997, "The Red Tent" based on historical fiction. It is written as a first-person narrative telling the story of Dinah, a biblical character whose story is broadened in this novel about the feminine spirit coming together in refuge, per ancient law, under a red tent. The movement embraces the ideology of women joining under the red tent to honor our many differences and learn to create and cultivate a healthy woman-honoring culture.

Let me just say how excited I am about this movement and being able to participate in such a way having traveled half way around the world to be there. I am so honored and blessed to have been given a beautiful tribe of people in my life who have on so many occasion helped me in raising my vibration.

Change is inevitable, growth is optional! John C. Maxwell

From The Red Tent Community at Hearth Ground as lead by group leader, Yia, Transpersonal Counselor, Woman's Mystery Teacher, and Shamanic Practitioner.

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