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THE Project

An open letter to my twenty or so readers.

First off, how are you? No! Really....HOW ARE YOU?

2020 was thought to be EVERYONE'S year! We all had huge plans & things were actually coming together. All of the hard work looked like it was about to pay off. For me, it was this little project that has become a really fun collaborative effort. Just a week after my 50th birthday, while attending another celebration, a friend approached me with an offer of featuring my work at the architecture firm she works for in Los Angeles. I was shook! That was my honest (internal) reaction. You want to show off my work?? Really!?!

Yes, I was shook! I'm gonna stay shook...for as long as you love me, I will remain shook! Oh Universe, please keep me shook!!!

So, there I was, shook but not even a little prepared for such a task of showing off my work. Where to even begin? How would I even want my work featured? Would I flip the switch and go black and white? Stay true to my aesthetic with brilliant color? Frames? A book....I simply wasn't ready....shook but I would need to prepare. One thing this taught me was to always be ready. Despite that lesson, I would still need answers to all of these questions.

That same evening, the universe stepped in by introducing me to Rachel. She popped up with an idea, a plan, has shown me tools that have guided me....I was set to begin the beta when days later, we began social distancing followed by the lockdown. And, well, the rest is global history. The first month, I learned to come to terms with COVID, by the next 2 months, we got sunshine, so rather than feel trapped inside, I explored my garden. I have so many beautiful images of my garden. I'll share in a separate blog. Then the heat arrived...

Now, I don't know what shift happened but maybe its just the hustle in me, the creative spirit that craves productivity? I returned to my photography and this project because, especially now, it needs to be followed through.

THE Project is about you + me and all of our Human Experiences.


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