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Reinvention of self

Back in early 2003, I heard a song that upon hearing its intro and gentle tone of Brian's voice, I felt moved. The title alone said it all, "The Only Constant is Change" by BT. I felt changed.

Before the photography, it was an almost 15 year blog that really encapsulated a transition that was happening to me. The Secret Life of Viv. A mom with three young children trying to juggle life while going through a metamorphosis. It often felt like having a box of building blocks dumped over your head while also trying desperately to stack them or create some order.

Some will tell you there is a only one way, others will tell you there is no wrong way. I'm going to say that your only purpose is to figure out what you want and who you wish to be....and then

hold the vision, trust the process.

What began as a creative outlet and hobby I developed while my kids were in elementary, middle, and high school grew just like my kids have. From blogger to photographer. After a friend and I watched Rhonda Byrne's, "The Secret" it was as if someone had pointed out that I had a key that until they pointed it out, I had no idea I was holding. It also impacted me the same way the song had. It was life changing. Yet, another affirmation since reading James Redfield's, "The Celestine Prophecy" in 1996.

Change is constant and when you allow yourself to be open to it, growth happens. Your ability to navigate through life can be honed. In my time spent learning to understand myself and refine the ways I wish to express life through my art, my expansion came from inspiration I found from people I've encountered, places I've traveled and the experiences I've had.

The year I turned 40, I shed many versions of myself that weren't aligned with who my higher self aimed to be. My blog shifted and then in 2016, I let it go. My photography began with the Santa Ana Art Walk and transformed into fashion, editorial, content, travel and so much more.

Before all of this, before becoming an adult adulting, I was an artist. Raised amongst artists who cooked food that did more than nourish the belly, it fed the soul. Women in our tribe could create fabulous looks using scraps of fabric; whipping up masterpieces. Uncles who painted like the masters, one a woodworker, another a writer, a farmer. My childhood had me immersed in a bohemian lifestyle often butting heads with the lifestyle I was expected to live.

How this all equates to the reinvention of self is that through my journey of becoming, the ways in which I create have evolved. How I wish to express myself today has vastly shifted from who I was when this began. Over the course of more than twelve years, I have compiled more than enough content to move forward with plans set forth years ago while watching The Secret.

Today, Sharon Rene Photography has become something unique in and of itself. Unorthodox in its development and delivery from concept to execution. I am now a 'we' working with a team of creatives that help facilitate your best possible experience. Together with the help of multiple creatives, and our private styling wardrobe has expanded exponentially with new pieces added regularly, we will create unique imagery that best captures your most elevated self. Our list of make-up artists and hair stylists is growing offering options depending on any one individuals session.

In addition to revamping how our sessions develop, we will offer a single session option with a sitting fee with all but images included. We are also redeveloping how your personal imagery is being processed. As an artist, I've never done much with following 'rules'. I'm a creative who is constantly evolving and so in life, as with art!

There will be many changes being unveiled this year. Besides a change in our business creatively, we have also aligned with a new business venture collaborating with Bee+Hive Artist Collective. In doing so, there will be many announcements coming up regarding events as well as showcasing some exclusive pieces to be sold on their site.

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