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Creating Your Mood Board

I designed a unique process to create each individual client Mood Board.

It only requires that we maintain an open line of communication following each step from start to finish. This helps build towards having the best energy possible that which results in a quality session experience for all involved.

Once your session has been booked, following the guidelines on "What to Expect" should help with planning. The most important piece to all of this truly comes down to encouraging and supporting self love through personal care.

Your personalized Mood Board is intended to enhance each individual client's natural glow and vibration. What to Expect is your step-by-step guide through self-care all designed to inspire you to reflect your best possible self on the day of your session. There are tips on skin care, hair, nails, how we will build your wardrobe for the session, props, location and so much more.

With each session being so unique, how a Mood Board develops is, on it's own, an art.

Let's create YOUR Mood Board, took!

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