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Big Hair, Don't Care

Unless you've booked a stylized shoot that comes with personal hair and make-up, managing your look alone and pulling hair together can be tricky. I'm a huge fan of curly haired clients going natural. Often, clients want to add curl to their naturally straight hair. Both want versatility! Either way, having options the day of your shoot is important. Waiting until the day of a shoot is not the best choice. Practicing and deciding on 3-4 looks to play with on the day of your session helps to keep your session moving.

Before and leading up to the day of your session, self-care is encouraged. Showing up the day of a session feeling like a million bucks; your skin glowing, hair is healthy, outfits on point, you couldn't be more ready. Why? Because you were prepared! Taking time to love yourself before a session perpetuates energy which will set the tone for your personal session.

Let’s start with hair care!

*A great tutorial for naturally curly hair

DIY Deep Conditioner


Now that your hair is picture perfect, you're ready for your close up.

Get inspired for your session!

Feel free to email with any questions or concerns regarding your session

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