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An American in Australia

My first day out, we took a drive through Berowra Waters and the surrounding areas to get a feel for the local land. With a mild fog hovering from my flight and adjusting to the climate and time, the drive was probably the best thing for me.

Yvonne has lived in Berowra for about eight years where her and her husband, David, live in this dreamy treehouse on the Hawksbury river in Berowra Waters. Having my childhood friend, whom I attended parochial school with for eight years and together cheered our team to victory side by side for 4 years, tote me around Australia had to be the most surreal experience.

Down the two flights of steps to the pontoon, hop in the tinny for a five minute ride to the resident dock, hop out & into the Defender on the opposite side of the vehicle.

Land Rover

Berowra, for me, would be the equivalent to Balboa Island or Newport Beach but without the OC attitude. Everything is green, the land vast, cattle roam free, we drive on the wrong side of the road. After some time of cruising around breathing in the fresh air, we stopped at one of the oldest pubs in the area, Wiseman's Inn Hotel. Yes, technically Inn and Hotel are the same thing and, yes, we're talking about a pub. Remember the old westerns where the travelers would show up to the saloon, grab a pint of ale and then ask the hostess if they had any rooms available at the inn? Same thing sans the hookers.

Beer & Chippies
Wiseman's Inn

Needless to say, after enjoying some crispy chips with gravy dip and a beer, we were satisfied. The day was long and spent driving around the area showing me her home. At this point, I'm already sold on what Australia has to share.

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