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Requests are honored by the date & time they are received.

Session dates are only guaranteed upon receipt of booking fee. 

  • Its About Energy, Capturing Moments as You Feel Them

    400 US dollars

Sessions are an exclusive journey, blending unique stylization with carefully curated locations and optional props for a truly personalized experience. We extend our passion for storytelling to freelancing and collaborations, working seamlessly with models, artists, and galleries to bring visions to life.


Our private boudoir sessions offer a discreet and empowering environment, capturing the essence of your individuality. At Sharon Rene Photography, we embrace the art of visual storytelling with an unwavering commitment to exclusivity.


Every session is an opportunity to co-create, ensuring that your moments are not just captured but elevated into a narrative of timeless beauty. Contact us to embark on a photographic journey that is uniquely yours.​

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